Printmaking Gallery

As a member of Gainsborough House Printmaking Workshop I am constantly inspired by the workshop as a creative space and by the work the dedicated printmakers produce there.  When screenprinting I often create images in a series rather than in editions. This means I might print 3 or 4 closely related images using the same screens but because of the spontaneous and painterly way I apply the ink no two will turn out to be identical. Linocut prints tend to be in short editions of less than 10.  Prints are available to buy from The Handmade Shop and Gallery in Bury St Edmunds.


For my  latest printmaking project I am artist in residence at Little Hall, Lavenham, where I will be recording the rich history of the fabulous building and the lives of its past inhabitants through layers of pattern and motifs.






The Handmade Shop and Gallery