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Artful Mind Sessions

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These creativity based sessions are designed for non-artists and artists alike, for both adults and children, to explore their creativity as a restorative process - looking at the world with new appreciation for the familiar whilst escaping the clamour of daily lives. Sessions focus on process rather than product - no experience is necessary. Work created is evidence of concepts and experiences explored rather than an aesthetic product, but as imagery emerges so does its relevance, appeal and potential as starting points for further aesthetic investigations.


















Monthly Artful Mind sessions are held in both Thorpe Morieux and in Bury St Edmunds. Click below to see dates and to book.









This is what partcipants said at a recent retreat that featured three artful mind sessions...


'I have absolutely loved the art - something I did not think I would!'


'I would now love to explore the artful mind side further because this is a neglected aspect of my life.'


'Loved the art.'


















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What to expect at an Artful Mind Workshop


Warm Up:

We start with one or two warm up exercises - these are designed to get you started and feeling comfortable making marks on paper.


Workshop Focus:

The workshop will focus on a particular theme predominantly based around mark making (the process of making visual marks - it applies to any medium - we make marks with paint brushes, with pens, with scissors, with chalk, with colour, with gesture, with fingers, with printing blocks - it is limitless!).  Much of our imagery is abstract but occassionally representational. Just some of the themes we may explore are: drawing, printmaking, painting, mixed media, collage, repetition, colour mixing, pattern and gesture.  We do not publish individual workshop themes - this is to avoid expectations of outcomes - if you come with an open mind you are less likely to restrict your productivity on the day! You will create a number of pieces of work.



Each workshop closes with an opportunity to reflect on the processes experienced to allow you to acknowledge your achievements and highilght areas you may want to explore further.


We aim to create a welcoming, relaxing and friendly experience for participants to help you get the most from the sessions.


What do I need to bring?

All materials and aprons are provided. Coffee, tea and biscuits are provided but should you have a food intolerance or allergy please bring your own preferred treat!



There is free parking at each venue.