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Artful Mind Seesions

(c) Lucy Perry 2017


These creativity based sessions are designed for non-artists and artists alike, for both adults and children, to eplore their creativity as a restorative process - looking at the world with new apprecation for the familiar whilst escaping the clamour of daily lives. Sessions focus on process rather than product - no experience is necessary. Work created is evidence of concepts and experiences explored rather than an aesthetic product, but as imagery emerges so does its relevance, appeal and potential as starting points for further aesthetic investigations.


Sessions can be tailored to small or large groups, all ages and can be based on a specific loation.






This is what partcipants said at a recent retreat that featured three artful mind sessions...


'I have absolutely loved the art - something I did not think I would!'


'I would now love to explore the artful mind side further because this is a neglected aspect of my life.'


'Loved the art.'


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