Forever inspired to create, Lucy thrives on colour and pattern.   For subject matter Lucy frequently turns to nature, seduced by the forms, hues and patterns, so abundant in flowers and the Suffolk countryside around her. Intuitive responses to nature dominate her work .  Her aim is to interpet those moments of awe or peacefulness when we visually connect with the beauty of the world around us.  The outcomes aim to be artworks that enrich the interiors of homes – aesthetic escapism, enhancing our spaces using colour and pattern in both realistic and abstract compositions.


Aesthetic escapism - visual beauty simply for the sake of it. Art can have no further objective than the ability to take the mind on a journey, let it pause a moment, create an enriching distraction.


Lucy creates artworks in acrylic on canvas or board, mixed media work on paper or canvas, and on watercolour paper using Brusho dyes and ink-pencils.  In Printmaking she pushes processes to create images in small series often producing unique monotypes filled with colour, pattern and gesture. Collage and photography are important elements in her investigative work.


Lucy works in her garden studio in rural Suffolk.  


Lucy exhibts her work with Gainsborough House Printmakers, fine art printmakers group 12PM and Suffolk Open Studios, and also at other exhibitions across East Anglia.







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